All CleanFlame™ products are made from 100% recycled materials
CleanFlame™ Firelogs

CleanFlame firelogs CleanFlame firelogs
  • Made from 100% recycled materials
  • Saves trees and reduces landfill waste
  • Burns cleanly enough to cook over
  • Generates 86% less creosote, 80% less carbon monoxide, and 30% less particulate matter than natural wood
  • Easy to start in any weather; burns without tending
  • Single five-pound log burns up to three hours
  • Won’t spark, drip, or melt
  • Safe for stacking, poking, stirring, burning in woodstoves, burning in combination with natural wood
  • Free of pest infestation
  • Approximate heat value: 13,000 BTUs (five-pound log)
  • Available in three- and five-pound sizes
  • Available as single units or in 6-log cases
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